Application examples for MAV test stations

Because of the quickly exchangeable tools, which can also be newly designed and manufactured in accordance with our customer’s specifications, MAV test stations are suitable for a wide variety of tests up to 10,000 N. Some of the applications in different industrial sectors are listed below. This is only an excerpt of the possible range of use.

Cable processing

  • Testing of tensile strength on electrical wiring harnesses with flat plugs, cable lugs, end sleeves or compressed, crimped, welded or differently connected parts.
  • Pull-off and plug-on tests on plug connections.
  • Tensile tests on wire-wrap-connections.
  • Testing of cable tie and cable tie pistols.
  • Testing of cable sheath resistance.
  • Testing of spliced cables.



Medical engineering & pharmacy

  • Compressive force measurements on subcutaneous syringes.
  • Compressive force measurements on valves, aerosol cans, pump mechanisms etc.
  • Tearing and elongation tests on suture material, wound dressings etc.
  • Fracture testing of pills, lozenges and capsules.


Syringe testing


Electrical industry

  • Shear tests on SMD components on circuit boards.
  • Fracture testing of printed circuit boards or ceramics.
  • Material testing of various electronic and electric

 Circuit board


  • Testing a magnet’s holding force.
  • Testing of pedal force, pushbutton force, trigger force , and all types of contact pressure force.
  • Measuring adhesive force of glue, stickers, labels and other adhesive products.
  • Tensile and elongation tests on tear tabs, e.g. on beverage cans.
  • Tensile and compressive testing of strings.
  • Tear tests on strings, wire ropes, synthetics, foils and films.
  • Shear testing of flat specimen.

Compressive spring

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