Manual Devices

Manually operated MAV-testers

Manually operated MAV-testers provide a fast and inexpensive option to carry out pull-off force tests with loads up to 1,000 N. Specific technical data of all devices can be found at the end of this site or the respective downloadable data sheet.  Information regarding the tooling may be found under the tab “Products” - “Tools”.

Universal Tester CT

CT tester
  • Entry-level model - operated by hand lever.
  • Electronic testing device for simple pull-off-tests.
  • Measuring frequency: 10,000 Hz.
  • Indication range: 0-500 N.
  • Resolution: 1,000 steps (equals 0.5 N).

Download CT data sheet.

Digital Tester FT / FTS / FT - Touch

FT tester
FT-Touch tester
FTS tester
  • FT and FT-Touch look similar to the CT, also operated by hand-lever.
  • FT-Touch features a modern TFT-touchscreen with led backlight.
  • FTS as a variant with a crank. /li>
  • Measuring frequency is 10,000 Hz for all models.
  • Available indication ranges (all models): 0- 50/100/250/500/1,000 N.
  • Higher resolution than CT 50.
    • FT / FTS: 5,000 steps (equals 0.1 N in case of 500 N device).
    • FT-Touch: 10,000 steps (equals 0.05 N in case of 500 N device).

Download FT / FTS data sheet (discontinued) .

Download FT-Touch data sheet.

Clip Gun Tester CGT / CGT - Touch

CGT tester
CGT-Touch tester
  • Suitable for tensile force measurements of all hand- or pneumatically operated cable tie pistols.
  • Easy to use, operation via the pistol’s trigger .
  • Measuring frequency 10,000 Hz.
  • Indication range: 0-500 N .
  • Resolution:
    • CGT: 1,000 steps (equals 0,5 N).
    • CGT-Touch: 10,000 steps (equals 0,05 N).

Download CGT data sheet (discountiued) .

Download CGT-Touch data sheet.

Additional notes for testing cable tie and cable tie pistols.

KMG force measuring device and SM load cell

CT tester
  • KMG and load cell were originally designed to be used for the calibration of other force testers (therefore not a hand-tester in the proper sense).
  • Load cell can easily and flexibly be mounted / used as a force tester for various tasks in combination with the KMG device.
  • A total of up to ten load cells (v. 2.x) can be managed by one KMG (up to 8 with v. 1.x).
  • Easy to use, operation via TFT-touchscreen with LED-backlight.
  • Measuring frequency: 10,000 Hz.
  • Indication ranges: 0-50/100/250/500/1,000/2,000/5,000/10,000 N.
  • Resolution: 10,000 steps (equals 0.05 N in case of 500 N cell).
  • Since software version 2.x: extended ethernet interface with REST-API, compatible with load cells of current and previous generation

Download KMG data sheet (version 1.x & 2.x).

Download load cell data sheet.

Model overview - technical data of manually operated MAV-testers in comparison

(Since the KMG is not a manually operated tester in the proper sense, it is not listed in the table below.)

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