Data - Processing

Processing of measured data through software and printer

Measured data can easily be transferred from a MAV-force tester to a PC or directly to a printer via a data cable that is connected to the machine’s serial port (RS232, Ethernet interface available for ETM model).

For this purpose we offer various software solutions. These solutions include software of different complexity for handling and processing measured data, as well as a program that supports the operator during the calibration. The software has to be installed on a suitable PC and the test station has to be connected to that PC via a data cable. The software is not necessary for the operation of a force tester, however it can be a useful addition.

Hereinafter all available software solutions, a tabletop printer for the direct printout of values as well as some accessories for the data transfer are listed and briefly described. There is also the option to download a trial version for free and test out all of our programs.


mavDATAex Software
  • Software used to transfer data to Microsoft Excel™ (not included) for further processing.
  • Deposit of company data, operators etc.
  • Transfer of measured data in table-form via mouse click (including date, time, operator)
  • Continous value output in roll mode is possible as well (program will continously record values)

Download the trial version of mavDATAex

mavSTAT & mavSTAT_light

mavSTAT Software
  • Software for statistical recording of values in combination with mav test stations.
  • Deposit of test schedules, customers, operators, company data etc.
  • Visualized output and staistic analysis of a measurement series (min, max, mean value, spread, standard deviation etc).
  • Transfer to Excel™ is possible as well.
  • Creation of protocols.
  • Archive.

mavSTAT has several additional features compared with the light version, such as:

  • Control charts.
  • Staistic evaluation of up to 40 series at the same time.

Download the trial versions of mavSTAT & mavSTAT_light


mavGRAPH Software
  • Acquisition, visualization and evaluation of force-displacement- or force-time-measurements in a history graph (force-displacement-graphs are only realizable, when the connected machine features a length measuring system - e.g. ETM-M).
  • Additional tabular data representation.
  • Entry of tolerance limits and statistical evaluation (max, min, mean value, spread, standard deviation etc.).
  • Protocol output.
  • Data base and archive.

Download the trial version of mavGRAPH.



mavCALIB Software
  • Software supporting the operator during the calibration and adjustment of mav test stations
    (KMG and load cell are required).
  • On-site application by operator, program leads through process step by step.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Adjustable test parameters.
  • Comparison of reference device’s values with machine’s values.
  • Visual output of results, automatic marking of specification limits.
  • Generation of calibration certificates by mavCALIB.
  • Management of protocols in the archive section.

Download der DemoVersion von mavCALIB.


Tabletop Printer SP

mavCALIB Software
  • Tabletop printer for direct connection to a force tester, connection via serial port and data cable.
  • Printout without time delay.
  • Technical data:
    • Printout on 47.5 mm paper.
    • 24 characters per line.
    • Weight approx. 480 g inlcuding paper.
    • Voltage 5 V DC, 1.5 A.
  • Available accessories:
    • Connection cable (see below).
    • Color ribbons (10 pc. per unit).
    • Paper rolls (100 pc. per unit).


Accessories for data - transfer

PC - cable

PC-cables are used to connect MAV test stations with the PC’s serial port.

Since the output ports of our testers partially differ from one another, please always tell us in your request, for which tester you need the cable.


RS232 - USB - adaptor

Since not every computer features a serial port, an adaptor may be used. The adaptor is connected to a USB-port and the serial cable is then connected to the adaptor.


Printer - cable

Data-cable used for connecting the tabletop printer with a MAV tester.

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