Calibration Equipment

Equipment for calibration of MAV testers

With the use of the MAV calibration equipment you are able to calibrate and adjust MAV devices on your own. This way, downtimes are reduced and costs minimized long-term wise.

For a successful calibration / adjustment of your test stations you need the following equipment:

  • KMG-force gauge as a reference system.
  • Load cell(s) “SM” for the respective force range.
  • Fixtures for the load cell(s) for the assembly on the test station.
  • Optional: mavCALIB-software as a support and for the creation of certificates.

The calibration process is as follows:

Using the fixtures, the load cell has to be assembled on the test station that is subject to calibration. Load cell and KMG have to be connected using the data cable. Subsequently force is applied to the machine in predefined steps and displayed values of the machine and the KMG reference system, which receives the correct force values via the load cell, have to be compared (calibration). The internal parameters of the machine should then be adjusted within the setup-menu until the displayed values of machine and KMG match (adjustment). A detailed manual for the calibration of all models can be found within the KMG’s operation manual. For information regarding mavCALIB and a downloadable trial version navigate to “Products” - “Software”.

KMG-force gauge and SM-load cells

  • Up to eight different load cells with different force ranges may be run via one KMG device.
  • Very high resolution of 10,000 steps (equals 0.005 N in case of 500 N load cell).
  • Compact and easy-to-handle construction.
  • MKG with modern TFT-touchscreen.
  • Cells from 50 up to 10,000 N deliverable.

Download KMG data sheet.

Download load cell data sheet.

General information regarding the calibration of force testers.

ETM, KMG & Cell

Load cell fixtures and loading equipment

  • Load cells differ from one another regarding their geometry and connection fittings, depending on the respective force range.
  • The load cell fixtures for the assembly on the machines also vary depending on the force range (the fixtures replace the mounted tools during the calibration).
  • The following load cell fixtures / loading equipment exist:
    • KB 1000 loading equipment: For the application of force on manually operated testers, usable up to 1,000 N, load is applied via handwheel.
    • HLT 10 fixtures: For the application of force on all motorized testers up to 1,000 N (and the FTS).
    • LB 300 fixtures: For the application of force on all motorized tester ranging from 2,000 N - 3,000 N.
    • LB 1000 fixtures: For the application of force on all motorized testers ranging from 5,000 N - 10,000 N.
  • While the same load cells may be used for manually operated and motorzied testers up to 1,000 N, the needed loading equipment / fixtures differ (see description above).


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